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Wedding in a winter wonderland

What could be more magical than a wedding in a snowy landscape, accompanied by your soulmate and cherished ones?
In order to guide you through this important moment, we have gathered the 4 essential elements for a moment worthy of the Frozen Snow Queen 🙂


Winter weddings mean cool temperatures!
You will need to select accessories that will combine aesthetics, comfort and warmth to ward off the freezing temperatures that this beautiful season might have in store for us!
Here are our essentials:

  • heating pads: to dispatch into your dress in strategic places (belly / back …), a saver!
  • a stole: what could be more elegant than an elegant ivory or colored stole to cover your delicate shoulders at the right moment? Choose a thin and warm one! Cashmere is our go-to, soft and warm at the same time, well adapted to the event or why not wear fake fur!
  • Flat shoes & closed shoes : you can wear socks or thick stockings without anyone noticing! 🙂
    The most daring brides can even opt for glittery rain boots!
  • gloves: nice thin white gloves will protect your delicate hands. Whether they are short or long (we love those!!!!), they will comfort you while bringing a touch of extra elegance to your outfit!

For the veil, we recommend opting for a short veil (our Marie veil for example) with graphic lace or low to the ground (like our Marianne veil), unless you go for a warrior goddess look by wearing our Athena veil!
As for your beautiful dress, we recommend one without a train, which will not resist the melted snow!


For your pretty hairstyle, why not opt for a messy bun? This will match the veils suggested above perfectly!
A sober makeup with a peachy complexion and rosy cheeks, as if you were coming back from a nice alpine descent, and you’re done!
For a romantic bouquet, we suggest working with seasonal flowers (ranunculus, thistles, hyacinths….) and incorporating a pretty ribbon that goes all the way to the ground, it will add a lot of grace to your look!


Snowy landscapes, a candlelight ceremony & a cozy fireside reception: winter offers a magical and original setting for a wedding.
Be mindful about choosing a reception place big enough, that offers indoor space and that is properly heated to avoid an early departure of the guests and an angina epidemic !

If your budget allows it, a wedding in the mountains is absolutely superb! Between the torchlight descent of the slopes and dinner in a high altitude restaurant with a view of the snowy mountains, your guest will forever remember this enchanting moment!

Concerning the decoration, we recommend soft materials (wool type), warm colors and “winter” textures such as wood or soft fabrics.
Use string lights and candles for a cozy and intimate effect!


A winter wedding means a hearty and comforting meal!
What about replacing the candy bar with a crêpe suzette bar, for a flambé effect, perfectly adapted to the season! Or a snacking area with a chocolate fountain and mulled wine!
We also suggest a shared fondue, with mushrooms and delicious local cold cuts.
For a more traditional meal, opt for gratins and meats prepared in delicious berry gravies.

Finally, to decorate your tables, why not go for cotton flowers, fir wreaths, twigs and candles!

Last advice, adapt your schedule according to the light! For example, schedule your photo session with your partner before the ceremony, which could be done by candlelight in an intimate atmosphere.

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