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How do we work ?

How do we work ?

At Maison Calypso, we believe quality is of the essence and it’s our guiding light in all our creations.

We work on a made-to-order model, enabling each customer to choose their perfect veil. It is handcrafted with the care and time it deserves, employing beautiful and precious fabrics coupled with ancestral know-how executed by a master artisan.

Each unique model is handmade and produced on demand with a 10-12 week timeline (excluding shipping) in order to guarantee a perfect and flawless veil for your big day!

All materials are manufactured in France, using classified 19th century machines with the original lace designs. The veil is then hand assembled in our atelier in France.

We create these beautiful veils for our customers to have an heirloom to transmit, proudly supporting this precious and ancient French savoir faire.

Our bespoke service is available on demand, please do not hesitate to contact us.

6994 4668 Camille Lordet

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